Udigrudi animations

Mae Udigrudi yn gwneud storiau fel pam media.  Mae rhwybeth o :


Dau caracter, dau finud animation, ac aral dau cant (200) gair o dialogue.

Wyth Gog

Ar al wyth cant gair, wyth finud animation, ac wyth caracter.

Undeg Dau Gog

Ar al mil a dau cant gair, mil minud animation, ac mil caracter.

Udigrudi makes stories in all media.  Some include:


Two characters in two locations, two minutes of animation, up to (200) words of dialogue.

Eight Gog

Up to 800 words, and eight characters in eight locations for eight minutes of animation.

Twelve Gog

Up to 1200 words of dialogue for up to 12 characters in twelve locations an animation of up to 12 minutes long.

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